About Us

5 Star Auto Hail Repair is the best certified paintless dent repair company in the nation. We are committed to providing you the best paintless dent repair results with a quick turnaround and at affordable rates. We specialize in paintless dent repair to restore your vehicle to its original condition after a harsh hailstorm.

How It Works

As a paintless auto hail repair solution, we fix all kinds of vehicular surface dents, dings, and hail damage. For a long time, the solution to fixing dents and dings was to fill the space created by the dent and then paint over it. The problem with this solution, while effective in the past, was that it meant adding a strange substance to your vehicle and then hoping that the paint would match perfectly.


With paintless hail repair, you will get to avoid having to use any kind of auto body filler or paint. As the best hail damage repair company, we utilize a specialized auto hail repair process called “paintless dent repair.” It is completed by meticulously massaging the dent from the underside with very precise pushes.


Benefits and Setbacks

There are a few notable benefits and setbacks to paintless dent repair. The largest benefit to hail damage repair through the use of paintless dent repair is that the process is very, very inexpensive compared to older repair alternatives. By using this process, vehicle owners and their insurance companies can save upwards of thousands of dollars on vehicle repairs. The process is also much quicker than alternatives, making it the best auto hail repair process available in the industry today. Auto hail repair can be completed on the bodies of vehicles that are made of either aluminum or steel.


The two most notable setbacks for paintless dent repair are the amount of flexibility in the paint and how severe or sharp the dent itself is. Most modern vehicles use refined paint that makes paintless dent repair a possibility. If the dents are too sharp or not shallow enough, paintless dent repair may not be a possibility.


As a nationwide leader in hail damage repair, we use only the best practices and the most experienced, professionally trained technicians to service your vehicle. If you are uncertain about whether or not your vehicle can be serviced, give us a call or stop in today and ask for a free consultation. As an experienced hail damage repair company, we can accurately gauge how effective paintless dent repair will be for your vehicle.


Get your vehicle restored to its original condition today! Don’t let a few simple dents, small dings, or hail damage stop you from having a pristine looking vehicle. We happily work around your schedule and ensure that you feel treated like a respected individual. All of our repair technicians are carefully selected. Your vehicle will be under the best care possible.